Thank You

This is where we are shining a light on some amazing people, which helped to bring Refugee Roads to life along the way. Each and everyone listed below contributed their own special part to this project as e.g. interview partners, translators, motivational coaches, informants, donors, helping hands, or with a simple smile when it was needed. We are very honored that they are believing in our cause. A big thanks to all of you!

Thomas Lewandowski, Mario Meßmer and Tristan Zerdick

Georg Bockers

David Lemaire

Paul und Hansen Hoepner

Olivier Loose

Bernd Riedel

Raymond Janssen

Pamela and Rudolph Ostovich

Nick van Rijswijk, his dad, and their mechanic Melvin

Irial Glynn

Elona Bokshi

Sarhang and all the volunteers in Grande-Synthe

Mustafa K. Isik

Benjamin Fritz

Entire Staff at Habibi & Hawara

Alina Vetter

Luca Laszlo

Rita from the Scottish Mission in Budapest

Ivan Miskovic

Ljubomir Miladinovic

Mirjana Milenkovski

Felix Thomson

Lence Zdravkin

Gabriela Andreevska

Ljubinka Brashnarska

Jasmina Golubovska

Shergo Mousa

Eliza Winnert

Julia Mumelter

Judith Wedel

Mario Behn

Jacob Boetje

Imam Mohamed

Christian Kuesters

Marios Andriotis

Nastassia Winge

Cecilie Jensen

Izabella Cooper

Tom Giertsen and his crew on the Peter Henry Von Koss

Katharina Isenheim

Rosa Seidler

Verena aka Schobsi

Anne Tucker

Dimitria and Spiridoula Varelis

Iuna Vieira, Viola Reinders and all the other students at BAIS in Den Haag