Refugee Roads is a bicycle tour across Europe to gain an insight to the experiences of those who undertake the journey along the Balkan Route – this includes ourselves. Thus, it combines the genre of a road movie with a documentary about a pressing societal issue.


The idea arose in August 2015. The actual trip takes place in June and July this year. Completing the whole process of sorting, editing and distributing the collected visual material will take until the end of 2016.


Timo Schmidt & Florian Volz are the main participants. However, they are supported by a base of volunteers who put in time and effort to realize this project. If you also want to contribute with an idea or general remark, feel free to contact us.


The starting point is Den Haag, the international city of Peace and Justice. The ‘finishline’ is Lesbos, Greece. What happens in-between is subject to flexible changes, given the constantly evolving socio-political environment in which the migration flows within Europe take place. However, the route is drafted along certain checkpoints: Brussels, Calais, Munich, Vienna, the Hungarian-Serbian border and Athens. Check out the map on this website and follow our journey!


Biking and filming. A whole lot of it. 😉