Bike Equipment: Check!

[6 days until departure]

Yes, that is correct. Finally, there is less than a week on the clock. It is very unreal in our minds and sometimes we think that we have not quite yet realized what is about to happen. However, despite a rollercoaster of emotions and a heap of small last-minute things that have to be organized, we are full of anticipation.  The four generous donations which we have received so far did their part to ensure that we put our very best into the planning process. Thanks to Pamela, Annette and Manus!

What really gave us motivation today was the support we received from the amazing staff at a special local bike shop here in Den Haag. Prijssnijder is not only a trusted retailer of Merida but they also manufacture their own brand of bikes. The head mechanic Melvin took five hours to ‘cloth’ our bikes with all necessary equipment. He attached durable locks, mounted rear carriers, ordered saddle bags, gave us water bottles, streamlined saddles and put enough lights and reflectors on the bikes to make us visible from a mile away.  You can expect a video before we leave!

For now, a big shout out to the owners Nick van Rijswijk and his dad, for deciding to sponsor Refugee Roads. We will make good use of their amazing equipment. If you are also looking for excellent service and a fair price/quality ratio, make sure to pay them a visit!

So long,

Florian & Timo

Updating the Countdown

Hey Friends!

Even though we are currently in the middle of our final exam week, we want to take the time to inform you about something, which we were hoping to avoid. Timo and I will need more time to finish our most important essay this semester. Due to us picking up the bikes from Merida on Friday (yup, we’re excited to finally receive them as well!) and moving to our new appartement, we can only start working on it later than initially expected.

We’re thus planning now with starting our journey from the Peace Palace on June 6 at the absolute latest. So here is our new countdown:

[11 days until departure]

Stay tuned, your

Florian & Timo


Bikes Are Here!

[12 days until departure]

Exciting news: This morning we received the final OK from our sponsors in regards to the Refugee Roads bikes!

MERIDA Germany is equipping us with two 29er Hardtail MTB’s in the Big Nine Team Issue. Over the course of the past five weeks we worked together with their very helpful staff, namely Thorsten Lewandoski and Mario Meßmer, to organize the logistics. We are overwhelmed with the support and trust that MERIDA is placing in us and are happy that they are enabling us to undertake this journey.

Next week we will drive to Mönchengladbach to pick the bikes up at Georg’s Fahrradladen. The guys there will receive the delivery and assemble them for us. Thanks to you in advance already!

This will be our trusted home for the next two months!
This will be our trusted home for the next two months!

Gadget Shopping

[17 days until departure]

Wow, what a day. 10 hours of watching online reviews, reading technical specifications and comparing prices lie behind us. But we succeeded! We finally have ordered all necessary equipment for our trip. Our empty bank accounts are the proof of that 😉


Teasi One³

For our biking GPS, we decided to go with the Teasi One³, as pictured above. It is rather affordable if you consider how value-packed it is. Mounted on our bicycles it will guide us along the Balkan Route as we are able to download all country maps in Europe for free.



GoPro 4 SilverWe have also settled now on the Videocameras which we’ll use to record the Refugee Roads. We have looked into DSLR’s, Camcorders, and various alternative Actioncams. But in the end, it is hard to beat the GoPro series. We approached several distributors, including GoPro themselves, for possible sponsorship. However, without success. So we went ahead and ordered one GoPro 4 Silver and one used GoPro 4 Black. The Black will be used for slow-motion shots and interviews, whereas the Silver will primarily be used to capture the action along the way.

In addition,we purchased a lot of small but necessary supplementary helpers, which range from a solar charger, a power bank, and multiple mini-SD Cards to an external monitor for the iOgrapher and a variety of mounts for the GoPros.

We are obviously not only spending money but we are working on many other fronts, which we will talk about in due time #bike sponsoring 😉  There are so many puzzle pieces which are needed for our trip and we’ve added a couple more to the picture today. With less than three weeks to go, Refugee Roads is starting to take shape. We’ll keep you updated!


Have a great and sunny weekend,


Florian & Timo




Hello iOgrapher Go

[29 days until departure]

Our iOgrapher Go including some neat side equipment (see photo) is on its way to us! This beauty will arrive minus the monitor but plus Manfrotto Lumiemuse 3LED Light and Deadcat within the next two weeks – excited to start shooting!!!




Ps.: No. We didn’t get a special discount for posting this here 😉

Preparing for Diversity


[34 days until departure]

Thanks to the help of our courageous fellow students from the BA in International Studies here in Den Haag, we now have a flyer in over ten different languages! We plan to take them with us on the road in order to overcome language barriers. This will ease communication with the wide diversity of people that we expect to meet.

We will also make them available to you via this website. Check out our Press Section to download the flyer for example in Arabic, French, Turkish, Czech, or, as pictured here, in Greek.

RR Flyer GREEK Back


A Bank Number for Refugee Roads

[47 days until Departure]

Refugee Roads has its own ABN bank account!

A big shout out to Mr. Lemaire from the branch at Kneuterdijk 8 here in Den Haag. He really took his time to hear about the project. Then he gave us some quality financial advice about which account is tailored best to our purposes.

"Sign here, here and here!"
“Sign here, here and here!”

This means in turn that we are now able to accept donations. Every Euro will go on the Refugee Road with us! PayPal is all set up for you in the top right. Alternatively, you can also make a direct transfer to


Refugee Roads

NL32 ABNA 0497 3111 27


Thank you and have a great day,

Florian & Timo

Starting the Countdown

[50 days until Departure]

Hello there! This is thrilling. Our website is finally up and running and you are reading our first official blog post! With it, we want to inform you about two things.

First, we are now starting the clock until our planned date of departure. On the top of every post, we will count the number of days left until June 1st. We are still quite calm now but trust me: Even if the countdown drops in a linear way, our excitement and tension will rise exponentially!

Second, We are completely new to WordPress and thus still experimenting. So please forgive us if any mistake manages to sneak past our careful editing. Your feedback is very much appreciated, especially now while we are in the preparatory phase. Thus please write us via the provided contact form in the drop-down menu on the top if you find a mistake. Any other recommendations or tips for us are also highly valued!

Now buckle your saddlebag and put on your biking helmet. The story of Refugee Roads has just begun!

With regards, Florian & Timo