Why contribute?

In August 2015, Refugee Roads was only a distant idea. Traveling across Europe with the possibility to engage with a topic that we deeply care about. Unfortunately, realizing a project of this scale does not come for free. Close to a year of preparations, two months of travel time, and we are just getting started with the process of producing and distributing the road documentary!

If it would lie within our capacity to fully cover the financial aspect of Refugee Roads – we would! However, as hard-working students with little to no income we are not able to do so.

In other words, your contribution is crucial for the success of Refugee Roads!

Where does the money go?

As mentioned above, your money will first and foremost contribute to realizing Refugee Roads. As all expenses for filming, traveling and material have been paid, we will now use every contribution towards editing the stories that we captured into one final product in form of a road documentary, which we then want to bring right in front of your eyes.

We have zero-overhead – what happens if all costs for realizing Refugee Roads are covered?

We have met people who have put close to everything behind them when fleeing their homes. We have also encountered countless volunteers and organizations working daily on a daily basis towards the benefit of people on both sides of the spectrum – hosts and host-seekers. It is their efforts that we want to effectively sponsor with any extra funds available to us. In any case, your money will arrive directly where it is needed most: on the road. This is our promise. We will continuously report on this website about the impact of donations, to ensure accountability and transparency.

Thank you!

Timo & Florian


Alternatively, we also offer the possibility to make a direct transfer to the Dutch bank account of Refugee Roads.

IBAN: NL32 ABNA 0497 3111 27