(Day 34)

This Wednesday Refugee Roads will visit another refugee camp and we want to bring hygiene kits and wash etc. with us for distribution on the ground. Our past camp experience was a sobering reminder how miserable the conditions in some of these locations are (see previous facebook post). However, to continue our travels and stay financially on target we need your financial support to buy the necessities. The more you donate, the more we can bring to the camp. 100% of your donations will go directly to this initiative.

Below is a list with items we want to bring with us. After our visit on Wednesday we will share with you how everything went (including photos), and tell you more about which camp site we visited.

Donation link: http://refugeeroads.com/donate/

Thank you so much in advance <3

– Sunscreen
– Soap
– Tooth brush/paste
– Cleansing pads
– Aquatabs
– Sanitizer
– Moisturizing Lotion
– Vitamin Pills
– Sugar
– Oil
– Soccer ball

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