Meet Co-Producer, Tali Barde!


Refugee Roads welcomes a new member in their team. Our friend Tali Barde takes on the role of Co-Producer. His expertise in the field of film will guide us through the post production phase, and further enrich this documentary with his personal creative and professional footprint. You can read his short bio below and visit his website ( to learn more about him and his work.

— Tali Barde (1990) works as a director, writer and producer in Cologne, from where he runs his own production company Avalon Film. His first feature film “FOR NO EYES ONLY” was screened at multiple international film festivals and was released in German cinemas in late 2014. He currently works on his second feature film and develops a serial format within a Writers Room. In addition to his own projects Tali directs commercials and gives film workshops at schools, within film festivals and at the University of Cologne. This year he was selected for the Berlinale Talents program. —



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