Health and Wash for Kelebija’s Transit Zone

(Day 37)

We are extremely happy that so many of you decided to donate money so we could buy health and wash kits for the people living in the transit zone between the Hungarian and Serbian border. We received an amazing amount of 720 Euros in total over the last four days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To say the least, our day was hectic, inspiring, exhausting, motivating, and more. In the morning we spent close to 500 Euros on e.g. sunscreen, shampoo, body lotion, sanitizer, mosquito spray, soap, deodorant and some other goodies such as sugar, oil and coffee. Our first time buying sanitary pads and pampers by the way 😉 After driving to the border and (once again) convincing the military to allow us in, we arrived at the camp site. A younger girl named Rawan and her friends welcomed us and helped us carry the health and wash kits into the camp. We were trying to find Amina (the mother we met last time who gave birth to her baby in Idomeni), however she was in the hospital. Nevertheless, Rawan soon ran off to find Mona who we had also met last time. The distribution went well despite little time for coordination, and we are glad that everyone got a fair share of items. The shampoos were particularly trendy, while few people actually cared about tooth brushes/paste. Something to keep in mind for next time.

We attached a few photos to this post, and you will be able to see video footage in the documentary. Fortunately, we met up with someone from the UNHCR later that night as well, with whom we could share the footage to highlight the conditions in the camp.

We will use the money that we have leftover to buy more necessities the next time when we visit a camp. We were simply unable to carry more bags with us yesterday. Again, we were truly overwhelmed by your support. Thank you so much!

Now off to Presevo, we have 400km of cycling ahead of us. We’ll be in the mountainous southern part of Serbia with 35 degrees heat and scenic wild camping opportunities 🙂

To be continued…


Arrival in the Camp
Arrival in the Camp
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