Gadget Shopping

[17 days until departure]

Wow, what a day. 10 hours of watching online reviews, reading technical specifications and comparing prices lie behind us. But we succeeded! We finally have ordered all necessary equipment for our trip. Our empty bank accounts are the proof of that šŸ˜‰


Teasi OneĀ³

For our biking GPS, we decided to go with the Teasi OneĀ³, as pictured above. It is rather affordableĀ if you consider how value-packed it is. Mounted on our bicycles it will guide us along the Balkan Route as we are able to download all country maps in Europe for free.



GoPro 4 SilverWe have also settled now on the Videocameras which we’ll use to record the Refugee Roads. We have looked into DSLR’s, Camcorders, and various alternative Actioncams. But in the end, it is hard to beat the GoPro series. We approached several distributors, including GoPro themselves, for possible sponsorship. However, without success. So we went ahead and ordered one GoPro 4 Silver and one used GoPro 4 Black. The Black will be used for slow-motion shots and interviews, whereas the Silver will primarily be used to capture the action along the way.

In addition,we purchased a lot of small but necessary supplementary helpers, which range from a solar charger, a power bank, and multiple mini-SD Cards to an external monitor for the iOgrapher and a variety of mounts for the GoPros.

We are obviously not only spending money but we are working on many other fronts, which we will talk about in due time #bike sponsoring šŸ˜‰ Ā There are so many puzzle pieces which are needed for our trip and we’ve added a couple more to the picture today. With less than three weeks to go, Refugee Roads is starting to take shape. We’ll keep you updated!


Have a great and sunny weekend,


Florian & Timo




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