First Episode: Picture Lock

Hey there!

Together with our team, we were able to announce Picture Lock for the first episode yesterday! Meaning that all the visual scenes are in place and not to be messed with anymore. The next three weeks will be devoted to color correction, audio design and finalizing the animations. And then, if everything goes as planned, we should have a first final product!

After months of skype meetings, Timo & I hosted the first production meeting in Den Haag on Wednesday by inviting our German co-producers over. Our incredible musicians Bart & Peter let us crash their studio and skillfully supported us in achieving our first objective of the day: to record the final version of the Voice Over. They are incredibly talented, greeted us with a warm cup of tea and guided us with a lot of patience during our session. Awesome!

Afterwards, we headed to the windy beach in Scheveningen (see pictures below) and talked strategy for the upcoming months. While the sun set behind the horizon, we clarified the overall vision of Refugee Roads, defined clearer goals until the end of the year and aligned our expectations once more. It left us with yet another massive motivation boost. There is still a long road ahead of us before we will have up to six complete episodes. Yet we are more determined than ever to reach this goal and to present all the stories behind Refugee Roads to you guys.

Have a great weekend,

Timo & Florian


Studio with Bart & Peter
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