Starting the Countdown

[50 days until Departure]

Hello there! This is thrilling. Our website is finally up and running and you are reading our first official blog post! With it, we want to inform you about two things.

First, we are now starting the clock until our planned date of departure. On the top of every post, we will count the number of days left until June 1st. We are still quite calm now but trust me: Even if the countdown drops in a linear way, our excitement and tension will rise exponentially!

Second, We are completely new to WordPress and thus still experimenting. So please forgive us if any mistake manages to sneak past our careful editing. Your feedback is very much appreciated, especially now while we are in the preparatory phase. Thus please write us via the provided contact form in the drop-down menu on the top if you find a mistake. Any other recommendations or tips for us are also highly valued!

Now buckle your saddlebag and put on your biking helmet. The story of Refugee Roads has just begun!

With regards, Florian & Timo

One thought on “Starting the Countdown

  1. Hi Florian and Timo,

    Wishing you guys all the best on this special journey!

    Looking forward to read your stories and see your photo’s.

    Best regards,

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